Our team

  • Ben DiFrancesco

    CEO & Sr. Engineer

    Ben is a former aerospace engineer who founded ScopeLift as a native mobile dev shop in 2013— about the same time he discovered Bitcoin. Years later, he would pivot the firm to focus on the nascent crypto ecosystem. An engineer first, Ben has centered ScopeLift’s culture on technical excellence.

  • Ed Mazurek

    Lead Engineer

    Ed studied Mathematics and English before pursuing a career in software engineering. He spent years doing traditional web development and data science before entering the crypto world professionally in 2018. A true renaissance man, Ed is also a talented musician active in the Nashville music scene.

  • John Feras

    Sr. Engineer

    John has spent his career writing software at the cutting edge. From creating development tools for the Palm Pilot, to writing firmware to enable media streaming over satellites, to writing mobile code for Comcast, to writing smart contracts at ScopeLift, John has a knack for picking up new tech early.

  • Gary Ghayrat


    Gary is a graduate of Stony Brook University where he received a degree in Journalism. After discovering crypto— and coming to believe in its potential as a force for good— he pivoted to a career in software engineering before joining ScopeLift.

  • Alex Keating

    Lead Engineer

    Alex studied Economics and Finance before learning Python and jumping into web development. He has worked across the stack at several companies before diving into crypto in 2021 where his interests in privacy, economics and software coalesced.

  • Marco Mariscal


    Marco studied Economics and Neuroscience, disciplines he first applied in a career focused on business intelligence and marketing analytics. When he discovered DeFi in 2019, he knew immediately he wanted to help build an open financial system. He pivoted to web3 software engineering in 2020 and hasn't looked back.