ScopeLift is a full stack crypto consultancy. Our services include:

Smart Contract Development

ScopeLift engineers have been writing Solidity smart contracts since 2016. Smart contracts we’ve written have processed or custodied billions of dollars. Smart contract development requires a higher level of knowledge, care, and skill than virtually any other form of software engineering. ScopeLift has the expertise needed to do smart contracts right.

Frontend And Mobile DApp Development

Public blockchains are great, but they’re only useful if normal people have an accessible way to interact with them. ScopeLift has expertise building interfaces for crypto enabled applications, both on the web and on mobile. We bring decades worth of experience building traditional web and mobile interfaces to bear on the challenge of making crypto accessible to the masses.

Backend Crypto Integration

It’s not just end users that need to interact with cryptonetworks— many other systems need to talk to these networks as well. Whether it’s for event monitoring, state caching, or data aggregation and analysis, ScopeLift has the tools to build out your backend and integrate crypto into your architecture.

Business And Technology Strategy

Today, every company needs to be a technology company. How will your industry will be impacted by technology in the next ten years? How might a newcomer leverage technology to disrupt the status-quo? Do you have a plan to avoid disruption, or better yet, do the disrupting? ScopeLift can help you understand the trends in the industry and identify opportunities and threats for your business.