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ScopeLift is a software engineering consultancy focused on crypto. We combine a passion for high quality engineering, a keen understanding of business strategy, and a deep knowledge of the burgeoning blockchain ecosystem.

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Our Values

ScopeLift's mission is to make our clients successful as they build the decentralized future. Our values animate that mission and drive our purpose.

  • Engineering Excellence. There's no room for cutting corners in the world of crypto. When the data is immutable, the code is unstoppable, and real money is on the line, you have to get it right— the first time.
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  • Client Success. The ultimate measure of any consultancy is its impact on its clients. At ScopeLift, everything we do is oriented around making your project a wild success.
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  • Positive Sum. Crypto is still in its infancy. To truly succeed, we must grow the pie. ScopeLift is proud to work on positive sum public goods that move the whole ecosystem forward.
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ScopeLift is a full stack crypto consultancy. Our services include:

Smart Contract Development

ScopeLift engineers have been writing Solidity smart contracts since 2016. Smart contracts we’ve written have processed or custodied billions of dollars. Smart contract development requires a higher level of knowledge, care, and skill than virtually any other form of software engineering. ScopeLift has the expertise needed to do smart contracts right.

Frontend DApp Development

Public blockchains are great, but they’re only useful if normal people have an accessible way to interact with them. ScopeLift has expertise building interfaces for crypto enabled applications, both on the web and on mobile. We bring decades worth of experience building traditional web and mobile interfaces to bear on the challenge of making crypto accessible to the masses.

Backend Crypto Integration

It’s not just end users that need to interact with cryptonetworks— many other systems need to talk to these networks as well. Whether it’s for event monitoring, state caching, or data aggregation and analysis, ScopeLift has the tools to build out your backend and integrate crypto into your architecture.


“ScopeLift provides unparalleled expertise in smart contract engineering and decentralized protocol design. They've been a critical part of our success, and their attention to detail, domain knowledge and professionalism make working with ScopeLift feel like you're working with your own full-time team.”

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Robbie Heeger
President & CEO, Endaoment

“As as longtime Ethereum community member, I was happy to finally work with ScopeLift. They nailed the timeline expectations and delivered production code in less than a month—without compromising on security. They also build public good projects that push the open source ethos of our industry forward, showing their deep care for our ecosystem. I could not recommend ScopeLift more!”

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Alex Masmej
Founder, Showtime.xyz & $ALEX Token

“We had an outstanding experience working with ScopeLift. They were able to quickly understand the problem, our product and solution, and work closely with our smart contract engineers. They helped with Llama’s architecture, guide us through Foundry best practices, and set up scaffolding and testing. I highly recommend working with them.”

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Shreyas Hariharan
Co-Found & CEO, Llama

“The care and preparation ScopeLift demonstrated when upgrading PoolTogether's governance system gave me total confidence in their abilities and the success of the project.”

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Brendan Asselstine
Co-founder & CTO, PoolTogether

“Developing POAP.vote was a pleasant experience all around, a rare sighting across the Ethereum Dapp development ecosystem. We got done a thoughtfully engineered product meeting initial budget and time estimations. ScopeLift does honor its name.”

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Patricio Worthalter
Co-Founder, POAP

“ScopeLift did a fantastic job with our Ethereum smart contract development. They provided well written, well documented, and bug free code for both the contracts and the libraries to interact with them. They also delivered on time, had great communication, and helped our developers through the entire process. I couldn’t recommend them more!”

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Matt Rosen
Co-Founder & CTO, Splinterlands

One of the great privileges of running a tech consultancy in the world of crypto is getting to meet and work with so many intelligent, creative, and driven people. Our clients consistently amaze me. It’s an honor to help them build the future.

The blockchain ecosystem, though not without its obvious flaws, is filled with people who are genuinely kind, extremely passionate, and earnestly seeking to build something good. ScopeLift strives to live up to these ideals!

Whether or not you think ScopeLift is the right fit for you, I personally invite you to reach out and connect. I would love to learn from your insights, to share mine with you, and to assist in any way I can!

Headshot of Ben DiFrancesco
Ben DiFrancesco
Founder & CEO of ScopeLift