Zeneth Launch: A First Step Toward Democratizing Gasless Transaction Bundling

June 18, 2021 / Ben DiFrancesco

One month after it debuted as a prize-winning finalist at the ETHGlobal Scaling Ethereum Hackathon, Zeneth is available for public use. Zeneth democratizes direct-to-miner transactions and lets anyone interact with Ethereum without spending their precious Ether on gas.

This release is very much inline with the Hackathon spirit that birthed this project: ship fast and iterate. Zeneth today isn’t perfectly polished or overly optimized, but it does work! At least, it works for one simple use case: sending DAI without spending any of your ETH. Visit zeneth.app to try it out!

Send DAI without spending ETH!

Send DAI without spending ETH!

Known MetaMask Issues

Because the popular browser extension wallet does not support the eth_signTransaction RPC call, we have to rely on a less user friendly approach to collect transaction signatures. This results in a scary looking warning when signing transactions:


This approach also means, as a user, that you don’t have transparency on the message that you’re signing. This is not ideal from a security perspective. As always, we recommend caution when using Zeneth.

There’s one more know issue with MetaMask. For token transfers, you have to provide 3 signatures consecutively, yet a bug is preventing MetaMask from popping up after the first signature is completed. Instead, you’ll have to click extension icon each time, which will show via an indicator that it has something for you to sign:


We’re actively exploring ways to avoid both of these UX issues. We have an approach that should solve them, and we’re eager to ship it soon.

What do YOU want from Zeneth?

We’re excited to iterate on Zeneth and make it an ever more valuable tool for Ethereum users. We already know we want to add more tokens, get gasless L2 entry working for public use, fix our UX problems and add lots of polish.

But what next? Sending DAI without paying fees in ETH is neat, but it’s really just a proof-of-concept. What makes Zeneth exciting is that it generalizes. Anything you can do with a normal Ethereum transaction can also be done through Zeneth— but without spending ETH. So, we have to ask:

What do you want to do with direct-to-miner transactions?

What DeFi functionality and other Ethereum transactions would you like to send without having to spend your Ether?

Let us know by tweeting at us @ScopeLift, or shoot an email to support@zeneth.app. We look forward to hearing from you!