Stealth Payments with Umbra Now Available on Optimism and Arbitrum

April 7, 2022 / Ben DiFrancesco

The ScopeLift team is excited to announce that Umbra is now available on the Optimism and Arbitrum Layer 2 networks. The two rollup networks mark the third and fourth networks where users can now use Umbra to send privacy preserving payments, joining Polygon and the Ethereum Mainnet.

Users are encouraged to visit, use the network selector to switch to Optimism or Arbitrum, and go through setup. With a single transaction, costing pennies on these low fee Layer 2 networks, you’ll be ready to receive ETH denominated stealth payments on Layer 2.

What’s Next?

The launch of Umbra on Arbitrum and Optimism is a big milestone, but there’s lots more to do. Here’s a quick peek at what’s next for Umbra:

  • Adding token payment support to the newly added rollup networks. Expect to see that launching in the coming weeks.

  • A host of bug fixes, UX improvements, performance enhancements, and other updates. We’re constantly shipping these, and they will continue to roll out in the weeks and months ahead.

  • Internationalization. We’re working to make the frontend seamlessly support other languages. Once this infrastructure in place, we’ll lean on the ecosystem to help us natively support as many localizations as possible.

  • Batch sending. This feature is under active development, and will enable users to send multiple payments— in multiple currencies and to multiple receivers— all with a single transaction, and all without compromising on the privacy properties Umbra enables.

  • Deploying to other networks. While deploying to additional networks is no longer our top priority now that Optimism and Arbitrum are supported, we do plan to add support for other side chains and Layer 2’s where it makes sense. There are probably one or two more networks where we hope to deploy this year.

  • Post withdrawal integrations. This is the biggest missing piece in the Umbra experience right now: smart integrations that make it easier for users to withdrawal in ways that preserve their privacy. With other major features now in place or under development, this is where we hope to focus significant attention in the months ahead.

As Always, Thank You

We want to once again extend our thanks to the ecosystem for supporting our mission to bring privacy preserving payments to Ethereum with Umbra. The project remains completely grant funded to date. We’ve been able to make enormous progress, laying solid technical foundations for the project, because of your support.

During Gitcoin’s 13th Matching Round last month, we received small contributions from thousands of donors, entitling us to a substantial matching payout that will help fund the next tranche of Umbra’s development. It means an enormous amount to us that so many of you are willing to put your money where your mouth is in support of a protocol that is a public good.

As outlined above, there’s lots left to build. With your continued support, we’re excited to build it. Back to work!